Zhejiang provincial party committee secretary Xia Baolong visit WenChao green farm



        All the way to "put forward by the general secretary of the implementation of the jinping area" strategy, actively carry out the central peripheral diplomacy idea, secretary of CPC zhejiang provincial committee, director of the standing committee of the provincial Xia Baolong rate delegation of zhejiang province on April 2 solstice 4, visit to the united Arab emirates (uae), paid a friendly visit, met with the united Arab emirates (uae) on head, attended a series of communication activity. The zhejiang delegation during the visit to the zheshang enterprise - dubai WenChao group green farm to visit the guidance


        Morning of April 4, 2017, secretary of CPC zhejiang provincial committee, director of the standing committee of the provincial Xia Baolong, accompanied by zhejiang provincial party committee, deputy secretary general, director of the provincial party committee general office Li Huolin, director of foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of the people's government of zhejiang province Jin Yonghui arrived in WenChao group, chint group chairman NaCunHui and others green farm. Warmly received by Mr WenChao group director ChangSunJian province, Xia Shuji also shook hands with WenChao group of the backbone members.

        Mr WenChao group tsunami province led Xia Shuji line of field study all aspects of the farm, answered Xia Shuji many questions of desert plant vegetables, and express the original intention of starting their own farm, and the determination and the service table for Chinese health. Xia Shuji during the visit also have many sighs the green farm in the desert, the happiness of dubai's Chinese is how high.

        The sun always hand pick vegetables let delegation tasting. Xia Shuji personally tasted fresh from the field in the ground picked fresh celery and eggplant, its original flavor to his green farms in the desert a thumbs-up. In leek and parsley farmland, Xia Shuji took fresh-cut coriander, said a long time didn't smell so rich smell of parsley and leek, make Xia Shuji gasped.


        Xia Shuji also in the process of access to the farm workers in Pakistan cordial interactions and workers are also expressed welcome to Xia Shuji happy mood and his work on the farm. Showed Xia Shuji around the farm, after a tsunami province indoor greenhouses, which is still under sorching summer crops grow well, the secret of tsunami province for Xia Shuji explained the greenhouse planting technology and difficulty in the desert, and introduces the process of the growth of the cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

        On a farm is characteristic of the tents of the arabs, the POTS just picked from the field of all kinds of fruits and vegetables for the green farm hand over a satisfactory answer, a delegation from personally taste the fresh cucumber and cherry tomatoes, well-regarded, the summer heat in dubai got fresh and sweet. Watching baskets of fresh vegetables, Xia Shuji said such a good quality even at home, not easy to eat vegetables, but well above the heat of the desert in the Middle East, can have such a rich fruits, also can buy with so cheap price, it is the people, it is the people of her love.

        Deeply impressed by what the farms in the desert the presence of everyone's heart, the taste and quality of vegetables are amazing. Accompanied the chint group chairman NaCunHui offered to provide free green farm photovoltaic cells on the spot, to the health of the overseas Chinese life contribution meager strength. Xia Shuji WenChao built in at the end of the desert green farm high praise, and affirmed the sun always heart is Chinese, give this feat. Finally with the sun always and WenChao group staff pose in farm fields, the end of the visit.


        Reviews the history of WenChao group in 2006, the sun always first founded wenzhou supermarket in dubai, hard business, the heart to maintain achieved success. Then hold the big picture, founded in 2010 in the international city of wenzhou supermarket flagship stores, become a noted Chinese retail supermarket in dubai. Grasps to protect the health of the Chinese table, can make the Chinese eat the healthy Chinese vegetables fresh feelings, in the face of a piece of the vast desert, 35 kilometers from the liuzhou, for $20 million, green farm appeared in 2013, covers an area of 40000 square meters, the output of up to more than 40 varieties of vegetables in China, at the same time, the following year clearing green farm phase ii, a locally unique advantages, also makes WenChao local worthy of the first Chinese supermarket.
        In the past year or two, WenChaoRen continue to those who have the courage to challenge, in 2016 announced the formation of WenChao group, and announced that operating WenChao online shopping platform WenChao mall (wenchao. Ae), convenient and greatly improve the dubai Chinese way of life. In 2016, undertook to carry forward the Chinese culture, yao yi tea-house WenChao group in dubai, has brought the good quality of Chinese tea, and guide the public to choose a healthy way of life.
        In the future, don't forget to beginner's mind, have the courage to challenge the WenChao group will bring dubai Chinese living what exciting change? Please wait and see.