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WenChao Culture

Strong Shared values can let us to maintain consistent corporate culture and the cohesion of our company
  • Good faith

  • Innovation

  • Customer

  • Service

  • Cooperation

  • Passion

Wenchao Spirit

Pragmatic, passion, professional and innovative
Pragmatism is a kind of working style, WenChaoRen feet on the ground; Passion is a kind of attitude, WenChaoRen to eternal passion; Professional is a kind of ability to work, WenChaoRen should be skilled in the labor; Innovative thinking is a kind of work, WenChaoRen dare to break through the traditional, subversion, trying to explore and practice new ideas, new methods, new path.
  • Business philosophy

    The customer is supreme


    Business philosophy

    We hope that every WenChaoRen can with a positive attitude to provide customers with quality service; Face the customer with a smile, enthusiasm, reduce the distance with customers heart; Be grateful, sincere thank customers for coming and support.

    The customer is food and clothing parents
  • Competition in the market

    The customer is supreme


    Competition in the market

    WenChao from dubai Della, started a small supermarket, ten years of entrepreneurship, the leap development. Founded in 2010, the overall situation, in the international city of wenzhou supermarket flagship store. In 2013, to subvert the status quo, set up green farm in the desert, to provide Chinese fresh organic vegetables; In 2016, to keep pace with The Times, WenChao mall, WenChao logistics, opens the way of O2O. Dare to innovation qualities in WenChao blood flowing forever.

    Keep pace with The Times to overturn
  • Moral foundation

    The good faith for this


    Moral foundation

    Honesty culture is the morality of the enterprise, enterprise culture, enterprise level. The spirit of "honesty" is the enterprise get the heart, is "letter" of the enterprise foothold, stick to the good faith is the core of Wenchao cultural values. All WenchaoRen should stick to the good faith idea, setting up enterprise good faith image in society, the implementation of each link in business activities, start from the little little ways, start from around things.

    Promise honest integrity
  • Concerned about the staff


    Concerned about the staff

    Wenchao as employees as the core assets of enterprises. Regularly held staff skills training, organization staff once a month the collective travel activities, host a group annual meeting every year.

    Staff is enterprise's core capital


WenChao foreign send, medium enterprises focus on the service of the united Arab emirates (uae) area, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other key customers. Now with zhongjian, petrochina, huawei, many Chinese restaurants and supermarkets, dozens of dubai local well-known enterprises the Jumeirah Group, Meraas Group, such as Flight Emirates maintain long-term stable cooperative relations.