Overseas Chinese donate 30000 masks WenChao for the united Arab emirates (uae) power the outbreak in the united Arab emirates



        On March 29, 2020, WenChao group to the overseas Chinese donate 30000 masks free, safe to the health of the Chinese increase security defense. WenChao group director, says Mr ChangSunJian province WenChao and priority in the service of online shopping mall, supermarket in the Chinese community, life security escort for everyone.

Masks to donate

To the overseas Chinese donate 30000 masks

        Outbreak occurs, since the united Arab emirates (uae) WenChao group immediately decided to each into the shop customers provide free masks, ensure the safety of everyone in the face mask price fluctuation in the market, the shortage of resources situation, WenChao centralized purchasing department all power guarantee supply channels, and stick to parity sales, only to let in the overseas Chinese have a mask can wear, completes the prevention work, protect yourself.

        Today, WenChao all its stores still persist for store customers continue to provide masks, only in accordance with the charge at below-market prices, and provide free disposable gloves, facilitate everybody to purchasing security.

        WenChao group for overseas Chinese donate 30000 masks, unified deployment to consulate for security and epidemic prevention work, clouds, swept the moon motherland, WenChao let dedication to the broad masses of compatriots their own meager power, epidemic, hope every Chinese can ankang.

Epidemic disease resistance

Full complete set no dead Angle

       Since the first case of a new type of coronavirus the united Arab emirates (uae) cases, WenChao group immediately launched the comprehensive prevention plan, yet never slackened, daily stores, warehouses, staff dormitory xiaosha epidemic prevention, and to provide staff and into the shop customers temperature measurement, waterless hand sanitizer, etc, for the majority of consumers' health and safety guarantee, hope every WenChao consumers can be a happy shopping, go home in peace.

On one million
Logistical support for the Chinese resistance to disease

       On March 30, 2020 - April 8, WenChao joint supplier on 100 dirhams, select commodities of the people's livelihood, the exclusive set outbreak huimin price, Chinese to subsidise the united Arab emirates (uae), resistance to disease in the united Arab emirates Chinese life, provide strong logistical support. In this special period WenChao "epidemic" resistance together with you to the end, together, overcome the current difficulties.