Xinhua News Agency: to build green farm - from the dubai desert tsunami province Chinese entrepreneurs


        To most of the united Arab emirates dubai visitors heard the introduction: whether a local family really "local tyrants", depending on its degree of green house. Because in the years of drought, hot sand in all the land, the united Arab emirates, feed a tree maintenance costs as much as $3000 a year.
        From about 50 kilometers southwest of downtown dubai, in the deserts of naz tile in the desert, but there is a lush and vibrant vegetable farms, towel gourd grow inside, amaranth, leek, rape and so on the Chinese dinner table common vegetables. The owner of the farm called tsunami province, is the dubai WenChao group chairman, he hopes to from his local overseas Chinese dish to eat out the flavor of hometown.
        Mr 2006 tsunami province early to dubai, starting with a small supermarket, after 10 years of time, small supermarket development step by step for supermarket, online mall, tea, green farm, food import and export trade as one of the large retail groups.
        Dubai's food is given priority to with barbecue Fried, vegetables are limited, eating habits are the biggest problem facing after many Chinese to dubai. On this side and "basic dependence on imported fruits and vegetables, or expensive, or fresh enough, and a lot of food preservative and antistaling agent for transportation storage, is not conducive to human health." In 2012, Mr Tsunami province decided to spend more than ten million yuan building vegetable farms in the desert, at that time, many people think that this is a fable.
        High temperature hot outside, but stand in the constant temperature and humidity is very cool steel plastic greenhouses, cucumber DingHuaDaiCi vine, towel gourd tender and long.
        Stood tanabe, talked about at the beginning the tough decisions, Mr Tsunami province memories: "when I was a man standing right here, in addition to a desert before, nothing. Dubai is not a few rain all the year round, half the temperature in the 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, friends doubt I completely understand. But fresh authentic Chinese flavor is our Chinese homesickness, the road difficult to walk again, I decided to do it, will go all out."
        Irrigation water is the first condition of planting vegetables, tsunami province dubai with boldness and courage impressed by the local government, relevant departments of the special permit allows he played six mouth depth of more than 100 meters deep, exploitation of groundwater for irrigation.
        In addition to the determination and commitment, build farms in the desert more in need of the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work and perseverance of perseverance. From laying pipelines or protect themselves from blowing sand retaining water, to the erection of the transformer, electricity, water, its air conditioning greenhouses, he in the construction of the early year almost every a hands-on, the sun heat drive nearly hundred kilometers every day, running back and forth between urban farm and dubai. He also experienced farmers from home, and step by professor foreign employees, gradually barren sand into green farmland.
        Farms grasps "the ecological and environmental protection, fine planting, and sustainable development" business philosophy, adhere to the use of hundreds of kilometers away from the farms of cow dung and camel dung mixed organic fertilizer, even the weeding is employees squat down bit by bit in the vegetable cleaning with a knife. Vegetable prices are not so carefully nurtured by the local tyrants, and domestic prices were little changed.
        Nowadays, WenChao green farm has begun to take shape, first and second period with a total area of about 130 mu, has 20 greenhouses, more than 100 square meters of fresh water temperature control, planting fruits and vegetables more than 30, with Chinese characteristics production tons a day, in addition to twice a day to supply their own supermarket retail, also to Chinese companies in the united Arab emirates (uae) the dining room.
        When it comes to goals for the future WenChao will continue to be scientific and rational management of farms, further improve farming, cleaning processing, sales, distribution and other one-stop process, and timely to scale up. "Hope dubai more than 80% of the Chinese people every day can eat to WenChao farm provides fresh, organic vegetables,"
        As the Chinese consul general in dubai Li Lingbing earlier this year, laments a visit to the farm, the dubai government to build prosperous city in the desert is to make the miracle of attention, while the Chinese entrepreneurs overcome various difficulties, create the scale of the modern farms in the desert, is also an admirable "green miracle". Tsunami province is large in the hard work a microcosm of Chinese businessman, along with the in-depth development of china-arab build "area", exchanges and cooperation in various fields between the two countries to strengthen unceasingly, believe this will be more and more green business miracle.