Merchants back face to face interview WenChao group director ChangSunJian provinces


        On the other side of the sea, the head of the desert, a city, it is in dubai, a city in a desert luxurious city, attracted the attention of the global gold prospectors, wenzhou people's natural body in it. The objects we interview today, however, was in the sky yellow sand desert hinterland, choice of food, he is WenChao group director ChangSunJian province.
        Dubai naz tile desert, with a vast sand and rolling horizon, blowing wind, sand a long way to go. Five years ago, Mr WenChao group director ChangSunJian province facing the boundless desert, made a surprising decision.
        Mr Tsunami province choice let him can't understand, since 2006, he first came to dubai, starting with a small supermarket, back into the mall, logistics, import and export trade and other fields, in recent years is the wind. Are now up in the desert of food ideas, let all startling.
        A garden in the desert, one of the biggest difficulties is the water problem. In order to find the most meet the requirements of the planting site, he spent rectified to choose.
        2013, WenChao began construction issue of farm, the farm covers an area of 70 mu, has invested more than 1000. In 2014, covers an area of 60 mu, investment of more than 500 farms phase ii is completed and start to put into use. Underground hole by playing the way to fresh water, then use the Israeli water dropper technology, purify all adopt the Italian water purification equipment. Planting, in addition to insist on using organic fertilizer, Mr Tsunami province also to the natural growth of crops. With dubai natural natural advantages at the same time, adequate lighting, no industrial environment, absolutely guarantee the quality of the vegetables. Here now planted with vegetables, cucumber, tomatoes and other 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables, every tons of production, supply 80% of the Chinese in dubai and some upscale hotel, sales in short supply.
        Now WenChao group has grown into the fusion WenChao supermarket, green farm, WenChao mall, WenChao logistics, WenChao WenChao group which integrated import and export trading company, the company employees hundreds of people. Green farm is one of the industrial chain, he WenChao group green farm to his own supermarket every day for the two goods. Thought of entrepreneurship at the beginning, he still fresh.
        In this way, by the far afraid tired of persistent perseverance, WenChao group's business grew. But he told us that these are far from alone is not enough, the key is to the good faith management. This decade, he has been the good faith management, keep in mind the heart of the meeting room "the good faith WenChao" this four characters, witnessing his ten years of business integrity.
        Mr Mention WenChao, tsunami province face full of pride and confidence. Now, he says, his favorite things to do every day is going and looking around the farm. Looking at what a mu mu of fertile fields and rows and rows of greenhouses, looking at the dense planted vegetables and rich full melons and fruits, comforted, in his heart, to the future, have a bigger and more beautiful.
        "Eat wenzhou supermarket food has the flavor of the mother Fried, into our farm as if into the dad kind of vegetable," tsunami province to us so he operation of the "green enterprise". From at the beginning of a desert, until now the green farm, from at the beginning of a small supermarket, to now WenChao group, along the way, he bears hardships and stands hard work, integrity management, his career, in dubai, created a miracle in the desert green!