WenChao group headquarters move



        On June 28, 2020, WenChao group headquarters move, this means that WenChao group, open a new chapter, the development of face will be better and better service to present in front of everyone.

        New WenChao group headquarters is located in Indigo Optima1 Tower, on the basis of business expansion and upgrades, contracted and not simple decorate a style reflect inclusiveness strong, big pattern, foil a group culture and characteristics. Office building to the base color black, white, grey, decorate material USES the marble, solid wood for different spatial properties into WenChao group culture, the overall design is compared with the former more reflected WenChaoRen down-to-earth, don't forget the beginner's mind as well as the design concept of sustainable development, fit the WenChao group's corporate culture.


        On June 28, 2020 at 8 8 points, WenChao group housewarming ceremony officially kicked off a new headquarters.

        After 4 months of efforts, the WenChao group headquarters to present new look in front of everyone, on the one hand, highlights the WenChao group brand-new mental outlook, constant comprehensive upgrading of hardware and software. On the other hand, improving company structure, more remarkable brand, the quality requirements for WenChao group, and also is very effective to promote innovation.


       "Realistically hoped pleasant goat, luck blessing of prosperity. "Very ataka, auspicious day move" and "warbler migration in the kernel, YanHeDe adjacent, congratulations to move the joy, chamber of dyeing chou-heung gas" sound blessing a housewarming WenChao group headquarters, also bless WenChaoRen life good lucky for you. At the same time of director Mr ChangSunJian province opened red satin, upgrade finished WenChao group announced the new headquarters.


        New appearance, as the new headquarters of various departments and the overall optimization and resource integration, for each department and our partners to provide a good office environment, improve the work efficiency and provide better and more convenient services.
        The development of the company without the support of our customers, partners, and more from all WenChaoRen struggle and hard work. Hope everyone to headquarters to move as an opportunity, don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, hard, work hard, self-motivated.