WenChao green farm parent-child activities sixth season officially unveiled



        Just the sunshine, the breeze not dry, on November 22, afternoon WenChao green farm parent-child activities sixth season officially began. Since in 2013 launched a parent-child activities, warmly welcomed by the Chinese in dubai, dubai's wide attention from all walks of life, every season activity places in short supply, rave reviews.

        WenChao green farm parent-child activities, is aimed at WenChao WenChao group members at launch the large family of outdoor activities, both full of fun, and times sense, recreation, release of nature. The increased interaction with parents and children, the children's childhood life left a pen.WenChao green farm season 6 new parent-child activities with teaching, picking link and games. In the teaching link to get the kids to watch or even personally involved in the vegetables planting process, understand the process of vegetable growth, let the children to "cherish food and vegetables" had a more profound understanding. Harvest link to get the kids to experience China's traditional rural life, release the nature, return to nature. Eyeful green with tong qu set each other off into a scene, is invigorating. Game link, increase agricultural small children's common sense, and lead a healthy lifestyle.


        WenChao green farm was founded in 2013, a total area of the first and second phase of a total of about 130 mu planting fruits and vegetables over 50 kinds of Chinese characteristics, supply tons of fresh vegetables every day, rich Chinese in the table, to maintain the sustainable development of the farm, the farm have been added for aquaculture centre, develop pond, peasant of duck, goose, peacock, crucian carp, greatly enriched the diversity of the farm, formed a closed loop of ecological agriculture. Farm produce organic duck eggs, delicious and was deeply loved by Chinese in dubai, casual look at the fish and ducks, pick up a pick up duck eggs, farm under the deep sense of fun.
        WenChao green farm parent-child activities every winter officially open, now going on, in order to let more Chinese children to experience the fun of farm, this activity will continue to host the 16th, meet every Friday WenChao green farm, welcome to the official number WeChat public "WenChao group" for the latest information.