WenChao group director ChangSunJian province zhejiang communities' federation elected President



        On the evening of December 26, 2016, zhejiang communities' association was established in dubai grand opening celebration. Consul general of the People's Republic of China the Chinese consulate general in dubai Li Lingbing, zhejiang province, wang tong Lin, deputy director of the Chinese consulate general Ma Xuliang deputy consul general, Qiu Huaping director of wenzhou, zhang yi business room counsellor, the united Arab emirates (uae) in zhejiang province association of roc, Mr Vincent tan, each on behalf of China chamber of commerce as well as overseas Chinese and compatriots from all walks of life attended the event.

        Li Lingbing consul general representative of the People's Republic of China on the establishment of the federation of Chinese consulate in dubai to express our heartfelt congratulations. The united Arab emirates (uae) is where the most overseas Chinese in the Middle East, more than a decade team growing. Everyone spontaneously formed more than 30 chamber of commerce, they have regional representative, naked, attaches great importance to bilateral relations development, the overseas Chinese are helping and love each other, everywhere embodies the positive energy. Zhejiang federation of roc under Mr Vincent tan, the communities' work into the strategy of "area", promote the development of the two countries, development, services to the motherland, to create success.


        WenChao group director Mr ChangSunJian province with the Chinese consul general in dubai Li Lingbing lady and vice consul in their cordial talks.
        Subsequently, Li Lingbing consul general, wang tong Lin, deputy director of the "grow together with an inaugural ceremony for the establishment of the zhejiang federation of roc, marked the zhejiang communities' federation was formally established. Li Lingbing consul general, wang tong Lin, deputy director of the awarded "President, President of the brand. End of celebration in the Chinese traditional singing and dancing.