Established in 2006, Dubai-based WEMART is a company integrating six industries including retail, farm, e-commerce, logistics, culture and trade. In 2016, it’s total sales is over 600 million.

Global distribution

WEMART set professional purchasing departments in Taiwan, USA, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Vietnam. These purchasing departments are focusing on buying at the original land and assuring the quality and safety of products to provide a fresh and healthy life of high quality.

Core value

Strong and mutual value can keep the consistent culture and cohesion of our company.






Development history

Through ten years of united improvement, WEMART has gained a leap frog development and been among the highest of retailing in Dubai by repeated innovation.

Supermarket 2006years
Farm 2013years
E-commerce 2016years

To be the most reliable brand retailer

WEMART takes the improvement of life quality of overseas Chinese as it’s responsibility and leads a easy and healthy life style. With the guidance of costumers’ needs, WEMART provides global commodity and service of high quality for mass costumers.